We supply a revolutionary, point-to-multipoint, networking-infrastructure transport media that eliminates the need for workgroup switches, equipment racks, patch panels, and telco punchdown blocks in IDF Rooms. Such a reduction of equipment drastically minimizes the space requirements for the IDF Room, reduces HVAC energy requirements, and in some cases can render the IDF room unnecessary. With lower utility-power outlay, organizations realize significant operational cost savings every month.


We provide the most advanced and innovative process for the upgrade of data center raised floors to the latest Green and efficient capabilities. Using a proprietary approach, SPADA’s Advanced Data Center Solutions optimize raised-floor computational layout and utilization, reduce HVAC inefficiencies, and capitalize on waste-heat recovery techniques.

SPADA is responsible for all phases of the IT solution for facilities, including:

• System design, including coordination with Client’s architects and engineers.
• Coordination of equipment purchase and installation by qualified subcontractors.
• Deployment supervision and management, and verification of proper system operation.
• Training the end user and providing an ordered handover.

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